Do You Want to Create Financial Freedom Through Your Business... and Live the Lifestyle You Truly Desire?

Your Special Invitation to Mac Attram's Exclusive 2-Day Event...

The Business Accelerator Bootcamp

25 - 26 June 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.

I am now focussed on working ON my business as we are systemising it to sell or franchise in the near future in order to make me a fortune. All the successes and the ability to make decisions only happened because I ASKED FOR HELP. But this time I asked the RIGHT PERSON: Mac Attram. I highly recommend him as he will get you to your point B but much FASTER. Working on the business has allowed us to increase sales over 40% in the last 5 months.

Danile Granato
Owner, The Authentic Pilates

I had a sales target of £55,000 for the month and in two weeks I sold over £100,000.

Tim Cook
Senior Account Director, STL Partners

I came here with many questions and ideas about building my new business. What I loved in this seminar was that we were in a small group where I could ask all my questions and I got all answers in a very valuable way even with my challenge with the language.

I learned more than I could imagine because it is delivered in a clear and simple way. I love the code of honour, how how you speak to people in a direct and useful way. Thank you a lot for that.

Heike Bauer

Before attending I was unaware I was working without a solid context and this course allowed me to understand the structure that is required to operate as a solid business.

Creating an idea is good but it is just part of the process and I have been enlightened by these 2 days and I now feel a sense of true clarity and direction for Cabral Mercer London!! Peace.

Cabral Mercer
Cabral Mercer London

Context was amazing, the value you are giving is huge. I am really glad that I met you and you make a difference for entrepreneurs & business owners.

Gracjan Kleger
Founder, Gracjan Kleger International

Mac is a fantastic mentor. I have been working with him for 5 months and with his help we have increased our sales by over 80%. This has given my company an EXTRA £3500 per month in profit. My focus now is on systemising the business so that I don’t need to be there all the time and I may eventually sell it. Thanks a lot for your support.

Leandro Marcondes
Owner, Cortisso Accommodation Services

Before coming to the Business Accelerator Bootcamp I had an idea on how to approach the market but it was a general picture. Experiencing the games we played has taught me a great deal about myself and what I need to learn in my approach to building a championship team.

Absolutely wonderful weekend, full of techniques to apply and knowledge to put into action straight away. I have the confidence now to take action and how to approach things in the process of building a brand and creating a great context.

Many, many thanks. I really appreciate the priceless experience!

Kasia Lukasz
Director, Sinless Foods

Before coming here, I had a lack of confidence. After participating in these amazing 2 days, sharing with people and talking personally with Mac Attram I feel new confidence again in my own business. I have strategies, insights and the will to go ahead and grow. Thank you

Yolanda Lucas Bravo

Before attending the Business Accelerator Bootcamp (BAB), I was thinking big and thanks to the VIP business club, we’ve brought our businesses to the level we aimed for.

However during the Business Accelerator Bootcamp, I’ve learnt a lot about myself in relation to teams and relationships and how to really go into detail within the business. This training gives me the confidence to provide world class service to thousands of people and put the final dots on the ‘I’s in our business to really crush it.

Marie-Janine Saris
Sangha Global

Your Special Invitation by Mac Attram...

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few questions...

1. Are you struggling to start or grow your business on a consistent basis?

2. Have you experienced so much frustration or setbacks in your business that you sometimes feel close to giving  up - yet your entrepreneurial spirit keeps driving you forward and you just have to succeed, no matter what?

3. Do you feel like your business income is doing great - but because the business relies so much on you, you feel trapped in your business?

4. Would you like to double or triple your business income within the next 12 months or less?

5. And finally, would you also like to double or triple your time off so that you can spend more time with loved ones and doing the things that really make you feel alive?

Thank you - now if you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then this event is for you...

"The Business Accelerator Bootcamp" is a LIVE, 2-day, high-impact business training event, where you will learn proven, real-world strategies, processes and tools used by millionaire business owners for transforming your business into a cash flow generating asset that can work with or without you...

And which enables you to enjoy the money, freedom and lifestyle you truly desire.

Who this Event is for

This event is NOT for seminar junkies, or people who don't take action, or people who are happy with how their business is and doesn't want to make any changes whatsoever. If that's you, then please don't read any further.

But, if you're a START-UP ENTREPRENEUR...

And starting a New Business - or thinking of starting a New Business - this powerful training event is ESSENTIAL for you.

Not only will you discover how to avoid the costly mistakes that lose many start-up businesses a fortune and cause a lot of pain and frustration...

But you'll also be launching your business with the most powerful, proven and effective strategies in the world to create the success that you deserve.

Don't leave it too late like so many businesses - now is the time to master world-class business success skills for your new venture.


Then this event will give you the most effective, proven strategies in the world for growing and systemising your business - so that it gives you both more money and more time. 

Most businesses are operating at less than 30% of their capacity. This is a shocking waste. It means that you could be losing a fortune in untapped profits every month. Because we are so close to our businesses, it can sometimes be a challenge to see the potential that often lies right in front of us.

You will uncover virtual goldmines of opportunities giving you a great deal more financial and time freedom.

If your business is STRUGGLING...

Or you've tried various approaches without the success you expected, or you're frustrated by the lack of new business you're generating...

Then the time you invest with us at this event will be highly rewarding and a true turning point for your business.

Excellent Sales, Marketing and Cash Flow Management are some of the fastest ways to turnaround any business - one of the myths of is that it has to be expensive.

In fact, we will share many advanced Sales, Marketing & Business Success strategies with you that are totally FREE to implement.

Here's an outline of what you'll gain by attending:
  • Apply proven formulas for significantly INCREASING YOUR SALES and PROFITS by 15-200% - in 6 months or less.
  • Create a strong CODE OF HONOUR for you and your team - that helps your business thrive, even when under extreme pressure.
  • Learn how to CREATE AND MANAGE YOUR TEAM more effectively - so that you and your team members experience much less frustration or upset.
  • Set up a SOLID CONTEXT for you and your business - so it survives and thrives in any market condition.
  • Learn how to develop a powerful CHAMPION MINDSET - so that you become UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Gain CLARITY and CONFIDENCE on exactly what you need to do to grow your business - and STRUCTURE it to give you the income and lifestyle you desire.
  • Discover the secrets to creating BIGGER and BETTER RESULTS in much shorter periods of time - so you get to where you want to be faster.
  • SYSTEMISE your business - so that it can work and grow WITHOUT YOU... if you choose.
  • INCREASE CONTROL over your sales, profits and cash flow - so that you have more peace of mind with your business.
  • Develop your STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN for the next 3 months - to help you build momentum, stay focused and soar to more business success faster.
  • And MUCH MORE... including MEETING and NETWORKING with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, you'll discover a proven blueprint for creating FINANCIAL FREEDOM through your business...

And live the LIFESTYLE you truly desire.

Venue, Dates & Times


Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016


Saturday 25th June - 8.30am Registration / 9am to 9.30pm Training

Sunday 26th June - 8.30am to 9.30pm Training


Swiss Garden Hotel
117, Jalan Pudu
Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur


Limited Places Available

Now, the venue is strictly limited to just 50 people because that's the maximum capacity of the room...

And we deliberately keep it as a smaller, more intimate group so that you and other delegates gain the most benefit out of the training experience.

Given that there are about 36 people who have already paid to attend this powerful event and are in the process of registering, places are going fast... 

So, we're operating on a first come, first served basis - once we hit 50 confirmed places, that's it - no one else will be able to get in. We also won't be able to accept anyone turning up on door - so please make sure you register your place to attend. 

To secure your place so that you don't miss out on this incredible training opportunity, please confirm your attendance AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.

Who's Mac Attram?

Mac Attram
CEO & Founder
MindSpace Business Growth

Mac Attram is the CEO & Founder of MindSpace Business Growth.

He is known as the most sought after Business Coach & Trainer for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

Mac is famous for helping business owners rapidly increase their sales revenues between 20% - 200% in just a few months as well as implement better processes, and build winning business teams; so that they can have more time off to enjoy their lives.

Mac had many years of challenges and failures in business before discovering what really works!

His tenacity and over 30 years of Martial Arts practice helped him stay focussed and disciplined; a trait he takes into all areas of his life including business.

Over the last 14 years he has developed and sold several profitable companies. He is a multi-award winning business coach and author, and has been featured as an “expert advisor” in TV, newspapers and magazines.

In 2013 he was awarded the ‘Executive Coach of the Year’ in the UK.

The principles he learned in business and now teaches to others has helped him earn millions for himself and for his clients.

He has trained and coached Tens of Thousands of business owners & individuals in over 15 countries around the world and has shared the stage with some of the world’s premier thought-leaders and speakers, including Robert Kiyosaki, T.Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Bill Walsh, Keith Cunningham, James Caan, Duncan Bannatyne and Les Brown.

Mac holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is a former Associate Lecturer for the Open University Business School (London).

Mac Attram with Harv Eker

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.

But Wait, There's More!

Get Your Two Special Bonuses...

Bonus #1

FREE 1-To-1 Business Success Session (60 Minutes)

Value of 2,876 RM (approx 713 USD) 

Gain clarity and focus so that you feel confident about the next, most critical steps you must take to get your business started or to the next level.

We'll help you identify the top 3 things that you must do next to drive the results you're seeking in your business.

Your 1-to-1 Business Success Session (60 minutes) will be conducted over Skype or telephone at a mutually-convenient time. You'll receive details of how to book your consultation  by email, shortly after registering for the event.

Bonus #2

1 Month FREE Access to Ultimate Business University Membership Site

Value of  562 RM (approx 139 USD)  per month

"Ultimate Business University" is a 52-week online video training & support program on how to BUILD and GROW a successful business that can work with or without you.

We provide you with sample templates, scripts, examples and training videos, covering all key aspects of BUILDING, RUNNING and GROWING a business that continually makes you more MONEY and WEALTH...

And which takes you from being trapped IN your business, to being a true business owner who works ON your business.

You'll learn real-world STRATEGIES, TACTICS, TOOLS and MINDSETS for achieving phenomenal success and freedom in your business - to support and enjoy both the INCOME and LIFESTYLE you desire.

This complements the Business Accelerator Bootcamp to help you keep moving forward each week.

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.

Your Unique 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We believe so passionately that these two days are absolutely essential for you and your business, that we’re willing to offer you the following, very unusual, if not actually unique, guarantee:

If by the end of the first day, you are not convinced that “The Business Accelerator Bootcamp”  is going to be worth at least 10x its investment to you and your business over the next 12 months – you may hand in all your materials, leave the event, and claim a full refund – no questions asked. 

Why are we making this unprecedented and powerful guarantee?

Because we are going to do whatever it takes to avoid you missing the event, even if it means putting ourselves on the line. It’s just too risky for any business owner to keep doing the same old things in their business without everything we’re going to cover at “The Business Accelerator Bootcamp”.

We’re determined to prove to you that by joining us for these two days, you will start transforming your business forever, to create the freedom, income and lifestyle you truly desire.

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make those dates? Is there another date where I can attend?

    We only run this event twice per year – once per year in London/Europe, and once per year in Malaysia. So we strongly suggest you do whatever it takes to make it to this one – even if that means rescheduling your prior commitments. It will really help you to shift your business and financial life to a higher level!

  • q-iconI have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

    Please contact our office by email at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926, where we will be happy to help you.

  • q-iconIt sounds great... but will it really work for me and my business?

    This is a tried and tested program which has worked for hundreds of business owners around the world and ultimately, it will work for you if you apply and implement what we teach.

    Please see our Client Success Stories above. We also back our Business Accelerator Bootcamp with the Unique 100% Guarantee we gave above.

  • q-iconI don't yet have a business, but I want to start one. Is the Bootcamp suitable for me?

    Yes, our Bootcamp is ideal for you because it will help you start your business with the right foundations in place to make it much more successful from the start.

    Having your own business is one of the best ways to increase your income and wealth… and we’ll show you exactly how to create a great and profitable business asset that can work without you if you choose – and can eventually be sold.

  • q-iconI have been in business for years. Is your Bootcamp suitable for me?

    Yes, our Bootcamp is also ideal for you because it will help you to overcome and solve the problems that are holding back your business and income from expanding to the next level.

    If your business isn’t yet giving the income and/or lifestyle your desire, then something’s wrong with it… that’s why you MUST attend, so that we can help you have the breakthroughs you need.

    Now if your business is already doing very well in terms of sales and profits, then we’ll help you to take it to the next level. In many cases, that means you need to focus on systemising your business so that it can work without you and support a bigger team. This is especially important if you plan to sell your business in the future.

  • q-iconCan I bring a business partner or spouse with me?

    Great question! We strongly recommend that you bring along your business partner and/or spouse so that you can both learn and grow together.

    This is especially important for maintaining momentum with implementing what you learn after the bootcamp is over.

    Each delegate must have a ticket, so please ensure a ticket is also purchased for any guest you wish to bring with you.

  • q-iconI have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

    Please contact our office by email at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926, where we will be happy to help you.

SOLD OUT! Email us at or call us on +44(0) 203 5071 926 to check latest ticket availability & pricing.